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UL listed vs UL components

UL Certified vs UL components

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When looking at a C1D1 lab, the important factor is making sure the unit you purchase is UL listed as a whole. Many companies use deceitful tactics to claim UL listed “components”. While this sounds good on paper, the problem arises when local jurisdictions take a better look at the certifications. The difference lies in the long and arduous process that UL listed companies need to go through in order to be UL listed as a whole. During this process, the labs are broken apart into their Individual components, and thoroughly tested for compliancy. This includes wall panels, lights, sensors, exhaust system, screws, anchors, motors, fittings, VFDs, wires, controllers, and more. This ensures that in the harshest environments, the lab will continue to perform in a manner consistent with the highest standards of safety. Realistically, this can be the difference between life and death.

When only some of the components In the C1D1 lab are tested, this leaves a gaping hole in the reliability and safety of the other components. By claiming a “UL” listing, these companies can falsely advertise a level of testing and compliancy that are not warranted. This can result in Disapproval from the local jurisdictions, fire departments, and more. By doing your research on the C1D1 lab companies, you can save time and money while getting your facility and process approved. How can you tell the difference? By using the UL IQ software , you can quickly type in a company name and view any associated UL certifications. This can save you thousands of dollars caused by downtime and reinspection.