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The AEL Labs are turn-key Pre engineered CID1 Extraction Solution for all your needs.

These units come fully equipped for any extraction application designed for light-duty or heavy production, our main focus is efficiency and safety.

The Experts are talking, and the consensus is that AEL labs and booths are the most efficient and most reliable systems in the industry.

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Designed for small to medium level extraction production businesses, the walk in style for C1D2 environments, for those using ethanol, post-extraction process, and various solvents.

Our Mega Economy series labs are the choice for an affordable, functional lab. This unit is turnkey ready to go! Equipped with everything you need from safety features to gas detection.

Mega series extraction lab is made for medium to large extraction environments. These labs are the perfect choice for a larger scale lab.

DYS Series extraction labs are our most economical model, made without compromising product quality. These C1D1 Labs come fully equipped with all necessary gas detection and safety features, and come in a variety of sizes.

Exxa series extraction lab is made for large extraction environments. These labs are modular and can be disassembled and reassembled with ease & come fully equipped.

Zeta labs largest size, made to handle large extraction environments. When it comes to big XL labs and extraction systems the Zeta Series lab is up to the task.  These units can be as large as you can imagine and come in many configurations. Like our other modular units these units are expandable and can be made larger at any time. These labs come fully equipped.

Cubes Series labs are the perfect choice for your outdoor application. Cube series labs come fully equipped and pre-assembled to begin use! Cubes can be stacked or placed side by side for multi-zone configurations.

Our Modular Clean Rooms are one of the most affordable in the market, & fully functional grow or lab room. Clean rooms can be configured to meet your needs!

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