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Do I need a C1D1 Booth?

  • Do you need a C1D1 booth? The answer is typically yes if you are looking to get a Type 7 license. While you may be able to build a room for less, a prefabricated C1D1 booth can help you get approved faster. Prefabricated C1D1 booths are pre-engineered for safety and compliance. Many jurisdictions are now looking at C1D1 booths that carry a UL listing. Luckily, our C1D1 booths carry this listing and can help make your compliance a breeze! Another aspect to look at when choosing a Prefabricated C1D1 booth or building your own. Building a C1D1 room out of a normal room requires several changes to the existing architecture. This involves getting engineering approval, load requirements, anchor details, electrical diagrams, independent peer review, stamped plans, cut sheets for all components, wiring diagrams, and more! After this, the room must be modified to add the proper ventilation and CID1 Components. This is very time intensive and needs to be done by you when looking to build out your own C1D1 booth. When purchasing a Prefabricated C1D1 booth, we provide all of this information immediately upon your order. We eliminate all of the extra steps and provide you with a concise packet that you can submit!