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What is a C1D1 Room?

A “C1D1” room is a building code requirement that was established by the National Fire Protection Association. It also incorporates NEC standards, which is essentially a set of standards that determine wiring, electrical components, and other safety features. This is something that can be built or purchased as a pre-engineered unit. Regardless of the direction you decide to go, it is important to check with your local AHJ to ensure compliance.

While some home made C1D1 rooms can pass your local jurisdiction, many of these fall short by not having UL listings. As regulations tighten for C1D1 rooms, we may transition into new rules and standards. Check with your local AHJ for more info on your local codes! According to OSHA, any facility which falls under the following requires a CID1 Certification:

  • Ignitable concentrations of flammable gasses or vapors may exist under normal operating conditions.
  • Ignitable concentrations of such gasses or vapors may frequently exist because of repair or maintenance operations or leakage.
  • Breakdown of equipment or processes might release ignitable concentrations of flammable gasses or vapors and cause simultaneous failure of electric equipment.

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