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Lab Safety

After purchasing your extraction lab, you have taken the first major step towards a safe environment. When operating these labs, the proper procedures and guidelines should be followed. These steps will ensure that your C1D1 zone remains uncompromised.

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M3 Micro series

What is Post-processing?

Solvent extraction is generally used to convert a raw material into a refined form. The extraction process is useful for this, but it has limits. In order to further refine the the product, post-processing must be used. For different products, … read more...

Mega classified areas

What is C1D2?

Lab classifications can be confusing. Slight changes in environment can cause your classification to change. A C1D2 Lab is an area in which harmful gases may spill out of a C1D1 Zone. Naturally, this means that the lab must be … read more...

M3 Micro series

Micro or Mega Series?

AEL Supplies multiple lab types and configurations based on your needs. Our Micro series extraction labs are made for small to medium level extraction environments, and are compatible with most extraction types. These labs create a smaller footprint in your … read more...

Kathari Clean room scaled

Clean Rooms

In many cases, a clean, contaminant free work area is necessary to completing a job. In many cases, a clean room is needed in order to comply with local codes regarding human consumption or exposure. We offer multiple types of … read more...