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UL listed vs UL components

UL Certified vs UL components When looking at a C1D1 lab, the important factor is making sure the unit you purchase is UL listed as a whole. Many companies use deceitful tactics to claim UL listed “components”. While this sounds good on paper, the problem arises when local jurisdictions take a better look at the […]

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The Ultimate C1D1 Guide

Class 1, Division 1 When choosing to buy an extraction lab or build your own, it is vital to know if you need a C1D1 or C1D2 room. This is an important distinction as you must comply with different codes and requirements. In some cases, you may need to utilize both classifications! This guide is

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What is a C1D1 Room?

A “C1D1” room is a building code requirement that was established by the National Fire Protection Association. It also incorporates NEC standards, which is essentially a set of standards that determine wiring, electrical components, and other safety features. This is something that can be built or purchased as a pre-engineered unit. Regardless of the direction

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