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The only direct manufacturer located in Santa Rosa,CA!

Our Mission

As the only direct manufacturer of C1D1/C1D2 labs, we strive to give you the best product at the most competitive price in the industry. Our C1D1 labs are made with quality and efficiency in mind, allowing for the optimum workflow through your lab. We offer industrial grade extraction systems for any solvent type. We can custom design your lab from top to bottom with our in-house design team or adjust your existing designs to fit your need. Our booths are turnkey systems and are made to limit wasted time in your buildout. We can handle your project in every step of the process including design, installation, start up, and more! Give us a call today for more info!

Core Values

Deluxe Mega 10x20 Extraction Lab

True Turnkey Systems

Let us help you each step of the way! With our 

Why Choose Us?

We offer the best value in the industry as one of the few direct manufacturers! Lowest lead times and best response time or your money back! Fully customizable booths can ship out in as little  as 3 weeks! Don’t wait call us today!

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