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Who can extract?

Our C1D1 cannabis extraction booths are engineered to comply with the strictest local requirements. Your gas detection system can be calibrated to detect harmful levels of one or multiple solvents including: Ethanol, Butane, C02, Iso-butane, and more!


Our extraction booths are compatible with any solvent type, with the latest technology to allow for a precise, contaminant-free final product. For each solvent type, we offer sensors calibrated to detect when gases reach a harmful level. 

C02 Extraction

This process utilizes C02 as the primary solvent to separate plant matter from cannabinoids.

Ethanol Extraction

This process utilizes Ethanol as the primary solvent to separate plant matter from cannabinoids. Sometimes

Propane Extraction

Propane extraction creates higher overall pressure, resulting in a lighter final product as well as higher terpene preservation.

N Butane Extraction

Butane has a boiling point higher than propane, which ultimately results in slower solvent recovery and a darker color

Iso Butane Extraction

This process creates higher pressure than N Butane Extraction, and has a lighter colored yield in a shorter amount of time

What extractor types can i use in this C1D1 lab?

You can use any extractor type in this C1D1 booth! Closed loop extractors and centrifuge extraction systems are both compatible with your new C1D1 booth! Have an uncommon size extractor? Give us a call to design a C1D1 booth that will fit any size extractor that you have! We can calibrate your gas detection system to integrate with any system that you have purchased or are looking to purchase! Give us a call for more information!

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