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Which Extraction Type is best?

The extraction type that you choose will have a big impact on the final product. Each extraction type is used to achieve different results, based on the desired product, potency, and purity. Here we will break down the most popular types.

Hydro-carbon: This process utilizes Hydrocarbons in order to create a wide range of products. These can be further processed, or sold after the initial extraction process. The end result is little to no Hydro-carbon residue.

Butane Extraction: Butane extraction involves allowing the butane to soak into the material, then removing all of the solvent. This leaves only the extracted material that can be further processed. This can be achieved through open loop & closed loop systems.

Co2 Extraction: This process removes cannabis components with carbon dioxide,slightly more expensive equipment but with a higher yield.
Ethanol Extraction: is a polar solvent and results in a lower concentration of fat soluble lipids

Propane Extraction: Propane extraction creates higher overall pressure, resulting in a lighter final product as well as higher terpene preservation.
IsoButane Extraction: This process creates higher pressure than N Butane Extraction, and has a lighter colored yield in a shorter amount of time

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