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Modular or Cubes?

When building your lab, the decision between modular or cubes series labs can be difficult. Each lab is perfect for different environments and in some cases, it is up to personal preference. Here, we will break down the differences of the two lab setups.

Advanced Extraction Labs

Cubes Series:

Cubes series labs are C1D1 Zones that can be placed outside. These units are fully enclosed and support most extraction types. These units are stackable, meaning that multiple labs can be placed in a close vicinity to one another, while maintaining separate environments in each room. Cubes series Labs are the best choice for outdoor application, and do not require an indoor space to be used.

  • Best Choice for outdoor extraction
  • Can be made into dual zone units
  • Compatible with most extraction types
  • Stackable
Advanced Extraction Labs

Modular Rooms:

Modular extraction rooms are indoor C1D1 Zones. These units are placed inside of an existing building and can be taken apart and reassembled. These rooms are built on site and are compatible with most extraction types. These labs are also customizable and can be made to fit your extraction system. Modular rooms are the optimal choice for your indoor extraction application. To check out our modular rooms, please visit the Mega, Exxa, and Zeta pages.

  • Best Choice for indoor extraction
  • Can be made into dual zone labs
  • Can be expanded
  • Custom builds for larger extraction systems

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