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Blast Resistant Buildings

AEL designs and manufactures blast resistant buildings across a wide range of industries including aerospace, oil, gas, energy, and more! Blast resistant buildings are designed to withstand blast events . These are typically constructed with thick steel walls, redundant reinforcement, and interior items designed to withstand small & large blast events!


-Ribcage structure

-Reinforced doors

-FRP walls

-Vinyl, non-slip flooring

-exterior paint with polyurea coating

-Insulated and non-insulated variations.

-Temperature controlled environments 


-Partitioned areas or “zones”

-Task specific lighting.

-Various PSI ratings 


What features Can i add to my Building?

When adding features into a blast resistant building, we take carful consideration to ensure the highest level of safety and efficiency for those working inside the room. Below are features that can be added to increase the functionality and versatility of your blast resistant building! 

-Gas detection 

-CID1 or CID2 rated areas 


-Office space



-Clean rooms 

-“Hot” or “Cold” rooms

And much more! Need something that’s not in this list? Give us a call to design your custom blast resistant facility!