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Grow Containers:

AEL Grow Containers allow you to build your ideal cultivation facility, expanding your yields and minimizing your overall footprint.  Our stackable containers mean you can keep the vegetation, flowering, and trimming areas fully separate and isolated. Fully insulated containers mean you can place them virtually anywhere and achieve the ideal environment for your grow. Need extra height ? Our 10′ High containers are the best solution to maximize your floorspace and increase output!

-Indoor Farming: Build your own scalable lab from the ground up with a customizable grow pod! You control your exact temperature controls, size, lighting system, racks, PLC systems, main power, and more!

Year Round Yield: Grow year round with a temperature controlled grow room! Indoor farming means limitless capabilities for growing all year round !

Bacteria and Pesticide free: Keep your crops protected from bacteria by keeping them in a controlled environment! This results in safer, healthier, and tastier final products!

-Facility Design: We work with you to create the ideal workflow and environment to exceed all of your requirements and meet your space and budgetary needs!


Check out our product brochures:!!  8X20 GROW CUBE SERIES brochure

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