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Commercial Kitchen Labs

AEL Produces kitchens for commercial and restaurant use! Our containerized solution is made to give you a fully functional kitchen space!  These can be outfitted to meet your exact needs and lower your lead time! Choose from our layouts or call us for your custom requirements! All kitchen containers ship fully assembled and mounted into place ready for main power connection.

Why a container kitchen?

-Construction time: kitchen containers are typically ready much faster than building out on site from scratch! This means you are up and running faster for a quicker ROI!

-Customizable: Mobile container kitchens can be customized to meet your exact needs with no wasted space!

-Strong and weatherproof! Shipping containers are made of heavy duty steel, and are naturally weather tight! We insulate and reinforce this frame to create an even stronger construction!

Upcycling: a 40’ container is made of over 8000lbs of steel, by not letting a container go to waste, you reduce the amount of new construction materials!

-Food safety requirements: your prefab shipping container kitchen meets and exceeds all food safety requirements!

Types of shipping container kitchens

-Concessions- pre made/ prepackaged items only. No food preparation!

-Reheating foods- Reheating products including soups, hot drinks, and more!

-Simple food prep: Preparing only a very small number of different

-Full menu cooking- offering a variety of items that are prepared and fully cooked.

Commerical Kitchens

Commercial kitchen containers are the perfect choice to grow or expand your business! These standalone units can be configured to meet your exact needs and requirements, while maintaining all safety standards! All of our kitchen containers are code compliant and manufactured to pass any inspection. This prefabricated design can be customized fully including exterior finish, viewing windows, POS systems, lighting, insulation level, and much more! Commercial kitchens can include any of the following and more!:

  •  Fryer
  • Griddle
  • Double deck convection oven
  • Charbroiler
  • Burner range
  • Exhaust hood with fire-suppression system
  •  Salad prep fridge
  • Beverage station
  • Worktop refrigerator
  • Worktop freezer
  • Stainless steel worktable/ cabinets 
  •  3-comp sink
  • HVAC system with heat

Portable Concession Stands:

Affordable and quick to ship out, modular construction is the best choice for a concession stand in a field, venue, or any other setting! Most portable containers can be made out of one shipping container, but complex designs are also possible with multiple containers. These can include as little or as much as you need for a standalone solution including refrigerators, cabinets, storage compartments, and much more! Portable concession stands can be moved and placed in a new location with ease!

  • Low cost high revenue business model
  • Can be placed into a field, stadium, or outdoor venue
  • Highly mobile and lightweight 
  • Limitless configurations 
  • Can include pop up display for advertising

Ghost Kitchens


A “ghost kitchen” is a delivery only restaurant! There is usually no foot traffic by customers as the orders are typically placed online through delivery apps and picked up by the driver to be delivered! This unique design lowers the liability of having customers in the store, and allows for a lower cost than a full dine in restaurant! These units can be freestanding and utilize external water and power connections! 

  • Dominate your category!
  • Lower labor costs
  • Highly mobile and lightweight 
  • Optimize food costs and improve margins