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Safety & Compliance

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With over 30 years of combined experience, AEL is fully compliant with local and state regulations. Our equipment is made with safety in mind, designed to provide a clean, contaminant-free environment. Each of our products is PSI listed, a nationally distinguished engineering group. Our extraction rooms also conform to NFPA and IFC regulations, to help expedite your permit process. Full-service lab design and renderings available to ensure that you can be up and running in no time! Ventilation is extremely important in creating a safer system. Our ventilation technology ensures that the level of hazardous fumes in the air never reaches a dangerous concentration.

Our units also come with gas detection and monitoring systems to give you a warning if they ever reach hazardous levels. AEL exhaust systems are able to turn on ventilation to expel the hazardous fumes. Fire protection is also of great importance in your unit. We supply dry chemical and sprinkler fire protection depending on building type and requirements. All components within the lab are explosion proof, any residual gases will not affect the rating of the room. Tritium exit signs are used to indicate safe exits, these signs are self luminating, and do not produce electrical current. Without the proper safety measures, extraction is an extremely dangerous process.

While there are several safe processes of extraction that can be performed safely, they must be performed within a C1D1 zone. For butane extraction, open blasting is an example of an often used but very dangerous practice. This usually results in businessmen facing criminal charges including arson. If your company uses this method it is best to stop and switch over to our Advanced Extraction rooms. The extra cost will be offset by higher, purer production and a decrease in workplace accidents. We can walk you through the permitting process to make sure that your business can thrive. Turnkey professional installations and services will keep your equipment up to date and running at max capacity. Our equipment is NFPA and PSI certified and can get you one step closer to being permitted.

Gas detection: AEL Labs provides high level gas detection systems for each of our C1D1 labs. Our gas detection systems can be calibrated to whichever solvent you are using to extract. Depending on the concentration of gases within the room at a given time, our high-tech ventilation systems are activated, and the gas is expelled from the room. In terms of safety, this is a major bonus as it minimizes the risk of explosions and fatalities within your facility. This gas detection can save you expensive repairs and replacements of your extraction system, and C1D1 room.

Alarm Systems: AEL Alarm systems are integrated with our gas detection and ventilation systems. These alarms consist of audible and visual alarms, which go off at certain gas concentrations. These simple alarms can let you know immediately if gas is reaching a hazardous level within your lab. Each alarm is tied into a specific gas percentage and can inform you of the danger level without checking the screen.

Fire suppression: AEL labs include fire suppression system that will protect your lab and equipment from fire damage. This can also prevent explosions from occurring, by stopping the fire from spreading into areas where solvent is present. These fire suppression systems are based on the size and configuration of your lab. In a multi-zone lab, various sizes of fire suppression are used to ensure adequate coverage within your C1D1 or C1D2 lab.

Prefabricated Rooms: AEL Prefabricated modular rooms are pre-engineered for safety and compliance. AEL designs have been PSI reviewed for the highest level of safety. These pre-engineered rooms are designed specifically for C1D1 and C1D2 applications, and all components within are compliant.

PSI Reviewed: Our designs are PSI reviewed, and embody safety and reliability. All of our labs are created with immense attention to detail, and that is reflected in all of our work!


AEL Extraction labs are manufactured to a high standard, without compromising build quality. Our labs are an integral step in creating a safe, compliant work environment. We comply with most national and local codes, and work to create the best experience for you!

Safety & Compliance
Safety & Compliance
Safety & Compliance
Safety & Compliance