Grow Cubes

AEL Grow cubes are the ideal choice for your cultivation needs. Our stackable labs mean that you can support different grows at the same time in separate environments. AEL Grow cubes come standard with temperature control, CMH adjustable lighting, high quality HVAC, C02 Induction system, and Environmental Controls. For our extraction labs, please visit our Mega,Micro,Exxa, and Zeta pages.

Advanced Extraction Labs
  • Stackable units can be made in custom sizing
  • Labs come fully equipped to begin growing
  • Labs are Pre-assembled and drop shipped to you!
  • Units can be equipped per customer specifications
  • Labs can be modified to support Hydro-ponics

AEL also manufactures outdoor extraction cubes. These rooms are stack able and can be placed next to each other for easy transport. Call for info on designing your next lab!