Fume Hoods

Built to the same exact standards as all Advanced Extraction labs, the small fume hood was conceived more than a decade ago as the perfect solution for all sorts of jobs where conventional exhaust ducting is either impractical or impossible to install. When the 42″fume hood is used for extraction of gas or solvents, three pairs of filters are employed to effectively arrest air pollutants and return clean air to the workplace. For our larger extraction rooms, please visit the Micro, Mega, Exxa, Zeta , and Cubes series.

Standard Features:

  • No ducting required
  • Small footprint
  • 3 Stage filtration system
  • Dual manometers
  • Powder coating optional

Model #FH42

Product Dimensions:

Interior: 38″W x 36.25″H x 28″D

Exterior: 42″W x 42″H x 42″D

Optional Features:

  • Double wide
  • Wall or Floor mounted
  • Explosion Proof C1D1 Fan
  • Explosion Proof C1D1 Motor

Model #FH84

Product Dimensions:

Interior: 80″W x 36.5″H x 28″D

Exterior: 84″W x 42″H x 28″D

Optional Features:

  • Wall or Floor Mounted
  • Explosion Proof C1D1 Fan
  • Explosion proof C1D1 Motor